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044 – The Value of the People Who Are Connected to the Airplanes


Thanks to all of you who have contacted me in some way recently.

Aviation is great, and airplanes are great.

But without the PEOPLE, there really wouldn’t be much to it.

I am grateful for all the fascinating people I’ve had the privilege of meeting, because of aviation, and podcasting.

Here are a few of them:

Cliff Ravenscraft:  The Podcast Answerman.  (

If YOU want to learn how to produce a podcast, Cliff can help with his excellent training.

Check it out at

The next course begins January 2, 2017.

AND, if you use the code, “Dean” (not case sensitive,) you can get a significant discount.

Kevin:  He left me a voice message and asked about a resource for how to deal with AD research.  Thanks Kevin!

Bret Chilcott:  He left me a voice message, and gave me permission to use it in the podcast… thanks Bret!  Check out his website at  Very fascinating way to monitor the health of large crop fields with drone technology!

Don Sebastian:  “The Prebuy Guy”

Don has been in aviation for about 60 years!  He’s like a walking aviation encyclopedia!

Don has been on many podcasts, including Episode 82 of the Aviatorcast podcast with Chris Palmer.

Don also left me a voice message and gave permission to use it in the podcast… thanks!

If you want to hire Don for a prebuy airplane inspection, you can contact him at  Please let him know you heard about him from Dean on the Airplane Owner Maintenance podcast.  Thanks!

Brian Holmes:

I learned about Brian through podcasting, because he has the Strategic Leader Podcast.  He’s also crazy about airplanes, and loves aviation!  I HIGHLY recommend Brian’s podcast and resources, and you  can find everything at

Here’s Brian flying a Citation CJ3 at 41,000!








So… as an airplane owner, would YOU be interested in a simple, easy to understand, training course about AD research, and how to keep up with what’s required for your airplane?  If so, PLEASE contact me and let me know…  you can leave a voice message at or shoot me an email at

AND, if you’ve never left a rating and review in iTunes for this podcast, I would surely appreciate that if you could do it.

Thanks everyone!




  1. Hi Dean; thanks for the kind words. I guess your followers are wondering, how I could be in Aviation for 60 years? I attended an A & P training High Scool at 13 years old. Great show, The Prebuy Guy 910 5287769

  2. Hey Dean,

    Thanks for the recommendation to check out the Strategic Leader Podcast with Brain Holmes. It too is a great show! Keep up the great work and looking forward to your next episode.

    • Dean Showalter

      February 2, 2017 at 11:52 am

      Thanks Adam!
      Yes, Brian’s podcast was a huge help to me in 2016! I spent many hours with him talking into my ear as I listened back through almost all his past episodes. Then in November of last year, I got to meet him in person at a conference. He’s really become a great friend and mentor!

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