Have you ever had to cancel a flight because of an issue you wish you had noticed earlier?

 Listen to today’s episode for some ideas on how you can minimize the surprises when you go flying.


Here are a few other items in this episode:

  • Follow up to the recent episode about the Piper Cherokee charging system.
  • Main topic:  The Post Flight Inspection.
  • A very special announcement about an upcoming guest on the show.
  • A new segment I want to try for the show:  Interesting and Startling.
  • Some very nice people, and a great resource!
  • A gift for you that you might not be aware of…

Here are the old voltage regulator and overvoltage relay from the Piper Cherokee:










These two components were removed, and a new style voltage regulator was installed, one that has the over voltage protection built in.  Here is the new one, made by Plane Power:










Now for The Post Flight Inspection:

Listen in today, for some ideas about developing a specific “Post Flight Inspection” procedure for your specific airplane.

Also, find out about the jet we developed a post flight inspection for, years ago.

Special Announcement

I have an interview scheduled for later this month, for a future episode… listen today, to find out who that is… I think you will want to be sure to listen to that interview when it is published, probably later in March, or sometime in April.

Here’s a hint:  This guest was suggested by Joe Godfrey, who is the Director of Operations at Savvy Analysis, the amazing engine monitoring platform, for evaluating the operation of your engine in a graphic presentation.

Check it out at SavvyAnalysis.com

Thanks Joe, for that recommendation!

Interesting and Startling!

Here’s the airplane that prompted this idea:  (It’s a really nice Piper Matrix.)









And here’s the note in the maintenance manual that got my attention:

“Warning:  Do not put fingers in holes of extended speed brake blades.  If power to the system is interrupted, the speed brake blades will close with sufficient force to amputate fingers.”

And here’s a video to show why this warning is there… in normal operation, the speedbrakes retract with normal speed, but if the circuit breaker is pulled, or the aircraft master switch is turned off, here is what happens:

Wow!  How about that for a startling video?!  I’m not sticking my fingers in there!

I’ll keep an eye out for more interesting and startling things to share with you. 

And, if you have something that might fit this category, please send it to me!  deanshow@gmail.com or leave me a message here on the website.  Thanks!


Be sure to check out April and Reuben Zook, with the AD Toolbox.

Their website is AirworthinessDirectives.com  

They are exceptionally nice people, and this is a fantastic resource for doing AD research.


Finally, be sure to grab your copy of my free checklist for before and after your annual inspection… all you have to do is enter your first name and email, and I’ll send it right out to you.


As a result of today’s episode, I hope you will develop  your own personal post flight inspection procedure for your airplane, laminate it, and use it after your flights, so you can be better prepared for your next flight.