Real-Life maintenance lessons from a Beechcraft Baron that could apply to many different kinds of airplanes:

  • ECI cylinder AD.

  • Fuel selector issue.

  • Cigarette lighter anomaly.

  • Heater decay test.

  • Simple check for engine controls.

  • Oil drain plug safety wiring.

  • Oil leakage at oil cooler.

  • Continental throttle body support studs and nuts.


The top area  with the dark residue, is where the missing nut and worn stud, were located.






  • Aircraft battery connections.

  • Hydraulic fluid leakage at parking brake valve.

  • Propeller slow to feather and unfeather.

  • Crankshaft seal leakage.

Since the prop had to be removed, it’s a perfect time to replace the crankshaft seal.




  • Required POH placards.

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