What kind of “sticky” are we talking about?  Listen to today’s episode, and you’ll find out.

But first, we have a couple of other things to cover:

  1. Update on the Cessna 182 that was mentioned in a recent episode, where some pitted lifters and a questionable spot on the camshaft, were found.
  2. Follow up on a situation with a listener’s attitude indicator.

In today’s episode, we talk about a variety of things, including sticking exhaust valves in Lyoming engines.  Lycoming has a Service Bulletin (388C) that was issued years ago to address this issue.  (Thank you to Barry Sparonello, who requested some information about this topic in a podcast episode.)  The specific test on the valves and valve guides is sometimes referred to as the “wobble test.’  Here is a link to that Lycoming Service Bulletin:


Paul New, at Tennessee Aircraft Services, in Jackson, TN, is very experienced with this procedure, and has the necessary equipment to do it.  Here is a link to an excellent article that Paul wrote on this topic:


Check out some other items in this episode as well, including when to overhaul your airplane engine… for Lycomings, SI 1009 might be helpful as a reference.

Also, listen to today’s episode, to get some good information about the new Service Bulletin on Lycoming connecting rod bushings – MSB 632B.

Don’t take your Lycoming engine apart just yet if you don’t have to.  Let the dust settle on this service bulletin, and then make a decision.

Here are a couple Interesting / Startling things I found recently:

An instrument nut, that had fallen into a wire bundle behind the instrument panel in a cessna 182.  Thankfully, it was not shorting anything out!






A razor blade that was riding around in the tail of a twin Cessna for who knows how long!






Have a great week everyone!