Airplane Owner Maintenance

Podcast Episode 005

Valuable and Specific Maintenance Training

Specific aviation maintenance training is often extremely focused and highly beneficial.

Some specific training I’ve had the opportunity to participate in:

1997:  Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engine school in Montreal, Québec, Canada

2003:  American Bonanza Society (ABS) service clinic in Poughkeepsie, New York

2004:  King Air C90B familiarization and inspection procedures in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

2005:  Diamond Aircraft factory maintenance training in London, Ontario, Canada

2007:  Flight Safety Westwind jet maintenance training in Wilmington, Delaware

2012:  Twin Cessna Flyer / TAS Aviation twin cessna engine and airframe maintenance training in Defiance, Ohio

2013:  Continental Motors Inc (CMI) factory engine training course in Mobile, Alabama

Benefits of Specific Aviation Maintenance Training

  1.  It keeps things interesting;  and an interested aviator is a safer aviator!
  2. It gives you a distinct troubleshooting advantage.  You will be more equipped to solve in-flight problems.
  3. It sets you up to be able to help and teach others who may also benefit from what you have learned.

Please do two things:

  1.  Choose a specific training course or seminar to attend in 2016 that relates to your airplane.  It will make you a better pilot!
  2. Leave me a comment on this page… what has been YOUR most outstanding specific aviation training you’ve ever received?  Share it so that others can also benefit.  Thank You!

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