December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today we talk about how to CHECK the magneto timing on your airplane engine.

This is NOT about how to adjust the timing, but simply how to CHECK it.



In order to check magneto to engine timing, you will need: A timing indicator.  (A popular one is called a magneto synchronizer.)





Recommended kit is called the Rite System magneto timing kit.  It’s available at Aircraft Spruce for about $150 for the one including the synchronizer.










If you get the Rite System kit, I recommend also buying a threaded top dead center plug (18mm) since it is much better than the nylon TDC pin that comes in the Rite System kit.  Aircraft Tool Supply sells it for about $16.



IMG_2773You must be an A&P, or be supervised by one, to adjust mag timing, but as an airplane owner, you could CHECK the mag timing so that you know if it needs adjustment BEFORE it goes into the maintenance shop.

Have a great week!