February 26, 2016

This is going to be an abnormal podcast episode this week… thanks for bearing with me.

Since I am not able to produce a full length show this week, I thought I would do two brief things.

First, I tell about the American Bonanza Society, Maintenance Academy that I am planning to attend in Houston, Texas March 11-13.  I’m really anticipating that to be some excellent training!

Second, I need your help for next week’s episode:

Please tell me which subject you would like me to talk about in next week’s show.

In light of the feedback I’ve gotten from some of you, here are a few possibilities:

  1.  Running Engines Past TBO.
  2.  Piper Brakes and How to Effectively Bleed Them.
  3.  Some other subject.

Whichever subject gets the most requests in the next several days, I will do my best to put that one in next week’s episode.

So, thanks in advance for your feedback!

Just leave a comment below, OR email me at deanshow@gmail.com

Thank You!