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A Lycoming O-235-C2C engine mounted in an American Aviation AA-1 Yankee light aircraft. (From Wikipedia.org)

March 4, 2016

What is the highest recommended TBO number of operating hours for Continental or Lycoming engines… and which model is it?

TBO times… are they a requirement or not?  Listen to today’s episode to find out.

When discussing “Hot Topics” like this, just remember, have a lively discussion, but also be kind to your fellow aviators.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

What is TBO, anyway?

Continental Motors SIL 98-9c (TBO times.)

Lycoming SI 1009 (TBO times.)

Some possible scenarios.

IF you are considering running past TBO, here are some things you might do well to consider:

  1.  Perform meticulous maintenance.  (Listen to find out more.)
  2. Use a different shop or inspector every few years (better chance of catching squawks.)
  3. Talk to your insurance company.  (It IS legal to fly past TBO under Part 91.)
  4. Educate yourself and keep on learning!

Finally, I give 5 true statements regarding running past TBO.

So… which engine model has the highest recommended TBO hours?  And the winner is… Lycoming O-235 series (except for the F, G, and J models;  these are 2000 hours due to not having the higher strength pistons, like the other 0-235 models.

Let me know if you have any good TBO stories to share with the rest of us

Have a great week!