March 25, 2016

The Monster of Complacency can:

  1.  Terrify us with surprise when something happens unexpectedly.
  2.   Cause us to overlook a potentially dangerous situation.
  3.   Sometimes, it can be deadly.

Do you know what a “Rumble Strip” is?  If not, listen to today’s episode to find out.

Whether you are a pilot, mechanic, or both, one way to guard against complacency is to assume you missed something, and it is your job to find it.

Here is the part that I had never seen broken before, in all my years of working on airplanes:


If you are familiar with Bonanzas, you may recognize this as the pin that fastens the retract arm to the wing fitting.  This is an A36 Bonanza… congratulations for visiting the website, because I did not identify the type of airplane in the podcast.

Here is a view with a little more context of where we are looking in the gear well.IMG_3205

… and then the cylinder base nut that I found missing / broken:IMG_3198

Here are both ends of that stud:


IMG_3203 IMG_3202







Don’t be complacent… expect the unexpected!

Listen to today’s episode to find out 4 ideas of things you can do as an airplane owner, pilot, or mechanic, to be proactive in fighting complacency.

One last thing:

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