Thanks to my wife, Maria, for joining us on the last episode!

Now, today she is back to ask me some questions about some of my pet peeves related to airplane maintenance.

Here is my pet peeve list that we talk about in this episode:

  1. When maintenance shops will not allow owner-assisted annual inspections.
  2. When airplane owners don’t want to fix things.
  3. When the airplane paperwork and maintenance records are a wreck.
  4. When pilots buy more airplane than they can handle or afford.
  5. When pilots and / or mechanics try to act like they know more than they do.
  6. When airplane owners make unfair judgments about maintenance procedures.
  7. When airplane owners get over-charged for maintenance.
  8. When airplane owners don’t do enough in-flight troubleshooting.

Well, there’s my list, and I hope it motivates you as an airplane owner to:

  1. Take part in an owner-assisted annual inspection.
  2. Fix known discrepancies as soon as possible.
  3. Organize your maintenance records.
  4. Only buy airplanes that you can keep well-maintained and fly often.
  5. Be a humble aviator.
  6. Be gracious when you don’t understand a maintenance procedure, and ask questions.
  7. Be willing to pay a good price for excellent maintenance.
  8. Check all systems regularly, in flight, and gather as much information as possible when something goes wrong.

Thanks for listening!

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