This replica of the original Wright Flyer is displayed in the lobby at Dare County Regional Airport on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.









This Waco is used for air rides at the Outer Banks… it’s a “flying convertible!”








If you’re interested in skydiving, you can also do that at Dare County.








You can jump out of a perfectly good airplane!  This sign is posted on the inside wall of the Cessna 182 that is used for hauling skydivers.









This Bellanca was in the shop for repairs due to a gear collapse, or not fully extended situation… oops!  But, let’s not be quick to judge here… it can happen to the best of us.  Listen to today’s podcast for some talk about gear up landings and avoiding them.








This Cessna 421 was also stuck at Dare County for a teardown inspection due to prop damage… must have hit something – maybe a runway or taxiway light?


















The Outer Banks is one place that feeds my soul!