Month: April 2017

058 – YouTube Update And Gear Down Lights

I want to update you on my video production journey, but first, I have some people to thank:

Don Sebastian – thanks for the voice message Don!

Victor Popiol – thanks for your comments on a recent episode… I appreciate that!

Ian Robb – Same for you… I appreciate your comments!

Elizabeth Gilbert – Thank you for your willingness to have your airplane featured in my first YouTube video… I’m deeply grateful!

Here’s the video:

Please, send me any feedback on the video… I WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY.

And, if you would like a specific question answered in a future video, please send me those ideas as well.  Thanks!

Also, in this episode, we talk about an issue that sometimes happens in retractable gear airplanes, that makes the gear down indicator light, slow to illuminate after the gear is down.  AND, one possible solution for this issue.

In the next episode, I’m going to talk about DUAL MAGNETOS, why I’m not a fan, and some things you can do if you have one.

Have a great week!

057 – Don’t Let Your Airplane Become a Bird Hotel!

It’s that time of the year, when the birds are actively looking for great places to build their nests.  Airplane engine cowlings seem to be one of their favorites.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for providing a great example of cowling plugs!

Cowling plugs, like you see in this Cessna 150, are a very worthwhile investment.  You might also consider options for covering the pitot tube, fuel vents, and other openings that might invite unwelcomed critters to take up residence.

A few simple proactive measures can make a monumental difference… trust me, you don’t want to clean a bird nest out of your engine cylinders  if you can help it.

Listen today, and hear a story about a recent airplane I worked on, that the birds seemed to really love.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S.  Just make sure the items you are using to cover items on your airplane, are marked in some conspicuous way, so you will be sure to remove them before you fly!













056 – An Airplane That Went From Idaho to Florida to Virginia and Back to Florida

First of all today, thanks to Mike Busch with Savvy Aviation, and to Bret Chilcott with AgEagle, for two great interviews on the last two episodes.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk with both of them, and look forward to more guests on the show in the near future.

In today’s show, I’m sharing with you a recent experience I had working with some great guys, (3 generations!) on a Mooney M20 J.

That’s Larry on the left, then his grandson Ben, then his son Clark, and me on the right.  It was great working with these guys!

One thing we did, was change the landing gear shock discs.

The mains are pretty simple, but the nosegear takes a special tool.  The tool we used needed a modification to make it work properly, and Clark’s uncle, Lynn, was the right man for the job, since he’s a machinist.  He made us some bushings so we could space those bars on the outside of the gear legs to make room for the new shock discs.





Also, check out this incredible wedding reception my family attended recently in Florida!  We had no idea it was going to be at an airport!

What a cool place for a wedding reception!  The brother of the bride runs the maintenance shop at X58 at Indiantown, Florida, and he surprised everyone by flying the bride and groom into this grass strip in his Piper Comanche.







If you have an airplane anywhere near Indiantown, I highly recommend you contact Charles Stence.  You can check out his services at

Thanks everyone… see you in the next episode!