In today’s episode, we talk about a real life situation that is in process right now.  Someone walked in the shop a couple days ago and asked my opinion about some lifters and the cam shaft in this C-182 engine.

The following pictures ARE NOT the lifters I referred to in the podcast.  These pictures are from a C-310 years ago that had a severely worn lifter and cam shaft, which resulted in that engine being overhauled.  If lifters look like this, they must be removed immediately, (most likely the cam shaft too.)









Many times, lifters will show just a bit of pitting.  The ones I referred to in the podcast, had a small area on each one.

If possible, this is the type of thing you definitely hope to find BEFORE you buy the airplane, if possible.  Many times it’s hard to know what things look like inside, unless you remove a cylinder and take a look.

Here’s where you can go to watch that 2:13 video I referred to, and hear from Adam Sipe about their prebuy services:

And by all means, whatever you do, and whoever you choose to hire, ALWAYS do a prebuy inspection… and consider carefully what action to take, based on the results… you just might avoid a costly situation in the future.

Send me any prebuy stories you’d like to share, to dean(at)airplaneownermaintenance(dot)com