January 22, 2016

The condition of your charging system is a very important part of your airplane.

Today, we cover charging system components, possible issues and problems, as well as what you, as an airplane owner, can do to keep things functioning properly.

In this episode, I share some actual stories about airplanes that had charging system problems, and what was done to fix them.

We also talk about ways to efficiently troubleshoot charging system problem.

DEC 07 - FEB 08 067

This was an actual battery ground connection strap from an airplane years ago.  If you have anything like this connected to your battery, it’s time to get it repaired!

Finally, we end with 5 steps to ensure your airplane charging system is in optimal condition:

  1.  Check and clean battery connections and apply an anti-corrosion protectant.
  2. Check and make sure your alternator and its components are secure and not loose.
  3. Check your output voltage during engine operation (14 volts for a 12 volt system, and 28 volts for a 24 volt system.)
  4. If your alternator is belt driven, check the belt tension.
  5. If you have a charging system problem, consider having the alternator brushes checked, if they are accessible.

Thanks, and please, leave me a comment below (AirplaneOwnerMaintenance.com), and if you would like to hear about a specific topic, leave me a request for that, and I will consider producing a future episode to cover that topic.

Have a great week!