As an airplane owner, have you ever been frustrated by maintenance issues?  If so, listen to today’s episode.

If you’re an airplane owner, I bet you’ve had at least one or two very frustrating maintenance situations with your airplane… Today, we’re going to talk about some of these potential frustrations, and some ways to prevent, or at least minimize them.

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Tom Martin:

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Nick Tarascio:

Nick is the CEO of Ventura Air Services in Farmingdale, New York.  He left me a message that led to a phone call, and a very interesting conversation.  Thanks Nick, for prompting me to think about today’s topic!

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At the end of today’s episode, I read an article that Nick wrote some years ago, that I thought was excellent.  Here is that article from May 12, 2015 that appeared in Business Insider:

So, after talking about things that frustrate airplane owners about maintenance, here are some recommendations:

  1. Be proactive so you are not surprised by maintenance bills.
  2. Establish healthy communication with your maintenance people.
  3. Don’t be abrasive and hard to get along with!
  4. Don’t settle for poor maintenance!  Expect excellence!
  5. If you’re buying an airplane, talk with Don Sebastian and Adam Sipe, the “Prebuy Guys.”

You can find them here:

And be sure to listen to their podcast:

Airplane Intel Podcast.

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