When you taxi up to the maintenance shop, how do you park?  And when you pick up your airplane after maintenance, how is your situational awareness when it comes to starting and taxiing operations?

These are a couple of items we discuss in today’s episode.

We also cover some listener feedback.  One is a Piper owner who has a situation with an attitude indicator… we talk about that a little.

The other is a Grumman Tiger owner who had some requests for future topics.

Thanks so much to both of you for contacting me!

Finally, in today’s episode, I share a surprising thing I found in an airplane I was working on.  Here are a few pictures:



The aircraft battery has been removed from this area in the tail of this Aerostar.





This is the view inside that tail area after the plastic cover is removed at the forward side of the battery compartment.



And this is what I found in there!  A stubby 5/8 wrench… who knows how long it has been riding around in there?



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