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049 – Changing An Airplane Tire – Don’t Let It Explode!

As an airplane owner, you ARE approved by the FAA to change tires.

But be careful, because airplane tires can be bombs, if not handled properly.

ALWAYS get some one-on-one training before changing tires yourself.

And even after you’ve changed many tires, it’s so important to be extra vigilant and aware, and never allow yourself to become complacent.

Check out this video that demonstrates how dangerous an over-pressurized tire can be.

Here’s another website worth checking out to understand the potential dangers involved in changing airplane tires.

Listen to today’s episode for some valuable information on changing tires on small airplanes.

But remember, this is NOT A TUTORIAL!

You are responsible to get your own training and to keep your airplane airworthy.

Changing tires on small airplanes is simple, but it demands proper training, as well as full attention and respect.

Here are a couple other videos I found that might be helpful with changing tires:

And as that previous video reminds us, don’t forget to do the paperwork when you’re finished.

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