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055 – Bret Chilcott, His 1947 Stinson, and His Company, AgEagle

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce to you someone who has an incredible life-story of the convergence of different aspects of aviation, from model airplanes, to a 1947 Stinson, and a cutting edge drone that takes aerial surveys of crop fields.  Listen to today’s episode to hear about how all this happened.

This gentleman has become a good friend of mine through the podcast, and through email.

Welcome, Mr. Bret Chilcott!

One of Bret’s earliest aviation memories is building model airplanes at his parents’ hobby store.

Now, Bret owns a 1947 Stinson that he loves to fly with his wife and anyone else he gets a chance to take for a ride.

Bret is the founder and CEO of a company called AgEagle, that uses a cutting edge, uniquely designed, computer operated drone, to fly over farm fields and survey the crops for any necessary treatments.  It’s a very fascinating concept!

If you know of a farmer who might need this service, be sure to have them contact Bret.  (His contact information is at the bottom of this page.)

Here are some pictures and videos of some of Bret’s flying, and also some links for Stinson owners:


Bret Chilcott
117 S. 4th Street
Neodesha, KS
General office:  620-325-6363 X177
Direct office:  (620) 625-4622
Skype:  bret.chilcott
Google Hangouts:

Thank you Bret, for taking the time to talk with me, and share your story with the Airplane Owner Maintenance community!


  1. Hi Dean,

    I just emailed this to Bret. Thanks so much for your podcast!! Keep’m coming!!

    Hi Bret,

    after I heard your interview, I went to his web site and got to watch your 2 videos, Beaumont and Stearman Field. They were awesome! And your Stinson is beautiful!

    I fly a 1963 Cessna 150-D. I bought it last May and have already put 340 hrs on it. I love it!

    I’m based in South FL. Every July, there is a Cessna 150-152 fly in in Clinton, IA. I’m planning on flying both to OSH and the fly in.

    After watching your Beaumont video, I realized that 07S is very close to my route back from Clinton to South FL. So I just added a dog leg to my route!

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and creating awareness about such hidden gem!


    • Dean Showalter

      April 22, 2017 at 1:56 am

      That’s fantastic, Victor! After talking with Bret, I think you will not be disappointed when you land at Beaumont. I’d like to do that myself one of these days!

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