Your airplane probably has some backup systems.

The question is, are you familiar with them, so that you can quickly use them in an emergency?

In today’s podcast, we are talking about backup systems, and how important it is to practice with them BEFORE you need them, so that when that out-of-the-ordinary situation arises, you will be prepared.

Here’s a Diamond DA-40 instrument panel with the G-1000 system in it.  So it has a backup battery that will operate the standby attitude indicator in the event of total electrical system failure.  However, that little red switch is safetied with copper wire.  So here’s an idea:  when you know the standby battery is due for replacement, right before you have that battery replaced, why not flip that switch, and get familiar with what happens…  then you can have the work done, and your A&P can resafety that switch with copper wire.  It’s just good to be familiar with all these backup systems BEFORE they are needed.







You can listen to today’s episode for a lot more information, but here are a few recommendations when it comes to the backup systems in your airplane:

  1. Don’t wait for an emergency to check your backup systems!
  2. Make yourself a checklist of the backup systems in your airplane.
  3. Develop a plan to regularly review this checklist, so you can stay current and familiar with the operation of each system.  (every 2 years at your flight review is probably not enough!)
  4. Plan a time soon, to do a ground run and test flight, for the specific purpose of checking the standby and backup systems.  It might be a good idea to take a safety pilot along!
  5. Develop a mindset of being prepared to use the backup systems, even though they are usually not needed.

AND, if you listen in today, you will find out what happened not long ago, that prompted me to record this episode!

Take care my friends, and have a wonderful week!